Gallup Coaching Session for Individuals- 90min, for 34ALL


This coaching session is conducted via on-line.

What exactly do you get during the session?

  • online coaching session, 1:1, 90min – an overview of the scope of the test and its results, participation in a session led by a certified Gallup® StrengthsFinder Coach.
  • A set of materials for working with a coach and for working individually on your potential.
  • Developmental exercises based on a license from Gallup Inc.
  • Practical tips for using the Gallup assessment in your individual and team work based on remote work.
  • Targeting your talents to increase your effectiveness at your current job

“Know thyself” – this was the wisdom imparted as far back as the oracle of Apollo at Delphi in ancient Greece. Knowing your capabilities and limitations makes it easier to choose the right path in life. The ancient wisdom was developed by the American psychologist Donald Clifton. Together with Marcus Buckingham he developed the Gallup Institute (the oldest – founded in 1935. – the oldest opinion polling institute in the world, founded in 1935).

Use the knowledge of your talents 100%. Make an appointment to discuss the results of your survey. During the conversation, you will get additional tips and exercises on how to work with your Talents to strengthen them and turn them into strengths.

I help my clients remember that using their strengths is not about being less of who they are – it’s about being more of who they are. I invite you to join me.

  • I will guide you to personal discovery on issues that frustrate or challenge you.
  • I will also help you achieve goals that excite or intrigue you.
  • During an individualized coaching session, you can choose the topic you want to talk about.

Do you want to know your talents? Take the test available in our store. This session is dedicated to test that shows full sequence of test results, i.e. 34ALL.

1 STEP: taking the Gallup assessment (34all)

2 STEP: a session discussing your Gallup results

3 STEP: talent development, you can do this in several ways:

a) by yourself – after the session you will receive from me some exercises to work on by yourself

b) by purchasing the Talent Development Program, in a 1:1 session mode (mentoring sessions)

c) by choosing the Gallup Talent Development path in my annual Course (we start in September)- team work


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